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Asphalt Sealing:

  • “Custom Fabrication for Specialty Paving Projects“ Custom drainage inlets for storm water at Manteca Landfill 16-20% incline.
  • If it has to do with asphalt and is not listed in Black Stone Asphalt Services please ask.  We can complete almost anything for our customers.






Black Stone Asphalt Construction, Inc. wants to pave your trench… Always Moving Forward…

If you are looking for high production and low cost with significant time saving which translates into large saving this could be what you need. A custom trench machine for material placement, to cut days out of the normal trench jobs, eliminating multiple tractors, clean up, labor, and operating engineers, trucking cost and stand by time, as well as savings on grinder expense, traffic control and lane closures. This machine allows a week of work, standard type trenching to be completed in one to two days, depending on variable conditions. This machine rides beside the trench and not in it, as well as all trucks can dump directly into the machine as if you were paving, rather than  the truck slowly dumping which takes time and money. The time to empty a truck is a fraction of the time of a standard trench machine, which allows your job to move forward in a clean and productive manner. If you thought trench work was labor intensive, think again!

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The first portion of the video is the first lift, and the second portion is the cap. All material once placed, was within the required temperature. On average between260 and 290 degrees and all asphalt was tested for density and passed without any failures. Granted, this is an unusual request by the municipality but was no problem due to the speed of the machine. Depending on your scope of work, on average this machine can typically complete 100-175lf per minute, without any real work, such as shoveling, racking or skip loader work. RIO LINDA, CA




Caltrans project, Bakersfield, CA. shoulder work, Hwy 99 Northbound







Sonora, CA. Trench Dimensions for this portion of the video are 28 inches in width, approximately 455 feet in length and 3 inches in depth. Material placed in 4-5 minutes, no raking, no shoveling. Complete placement and READY TO ROLL.




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