Seal Coating

Seal Coating protects existing asphalt pavement from the elements and extends its life expectancy.

Seal Coating

Seal Coating is designed to protect asphalt pavement from the damaging effect of the environment, including moisture and ultraviolet oxidation.

Slurry Sealing

Slurry coating / Seal coating is a cost effective maintenance procedure intended to extend the life of aged asphalt pavement that is still structurally sound.

Crack Sealing

Crack Sealer  is an elastic material designed to seal joints and cracks against moisture infiltration into the sub grade.  it is also important to understand that  crack sealer IS NOT a crack filler. After material is applied to cracks, it is sealed from the elements, however,  it does not  generally fill the crack. Seal coating / slurry seal is recommended following crack sealer application. Seal coating / Slurry coating helps fill the cracks void.

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