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Black Stone Asphalt designs and fabricates for specialty paving projects. Such as, the Manteca Landfill project 16% – 20% incline, custom drainage inlet paving for storm water.  Specialty:  Asphalt Trench Paving.

Asphalt Trench Paving


THE WAY TRENCH PAVING IS MEANT TO BE DONE... Always moving forward...

If you are looking for a machine with  high production, low cost and significant time saving, which translates into money earned, THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED, a custom asphalt trench paving machine for material placement. Cuts days out of the normal trench paving jobs, eliminating multiple tractors, clean up, labor, and operating engineers. Also cuts trucking cost and stand by time, as well as savings on grinder expense, traffic control and lane closures. This machine allows a standard ten day project, to be completed in one to two days, depending on variable conditions. This machine rides beside the trench and not in it. Material trucks can dump directly into the machine, as if you were paving. This eliminates slow dumping which costs you time and money. Material trucks empty in a fraction of the time versus a standard trench machine. This  allows your job to move forward in a clean and productive manner. If you thought trench paving work was labor intensive, think again!,

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Asphalt Trench Paving VIDEO

This Aspalt Trench Paving Machine typically completes on average 100-175 LF per minute. 

RIO LINDA, CA   TRENCH PAVING- 6”T x 4'W approximately 8,350 LF three 2'' lifts approximately 1,240 tons, completed in 7 Hrs. 

This portion of video of Asphalt Trench Paving is approximately 2”T x 4’W x 1,355LF completed.


Asphalt Trench / Shoulder Paving Hwy 99 N bound 

Asphalt Trench Paving VIDEO

 Asphalt Trench Paving completed in this video approximately 3”T x 2’6”W x 585 LF.

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